Horseco Exchange – Where Mares & Stallions Compete… For Each Other

In Exchange

Bringing together stallion farms and mare owners to quickly and effectively negotiation breeding seasons.

Horseco Exchange is the industry’s first lead management and proposal management service that allows mare owners to instantly submit their mare to multiple stallion farms for purposes of receiving stallion season offers.

Similar to request-bid processes utilized in other industries such as lending and travel, Exchange assists farms with acquiring mares while streamlining the season negotiation process for mare owners. Exchange is a free service to mare owners and launched with over 100 stallions on the platform. Stallions represented on the platform include those from leading Kentucky stallion farms such as Darley America and Claiborne, as well as regional and mid-market farms in MD, NY, FL & CA.marepic22

Most importantly, Horseco Exchange brings equal value to both stallion farms and mare owners by addressing the Season & Mare Acquisition Dilemma, a problem historically facing all parties year in and year out.

The Season & Mare Acquisition Dilemma:

  • For Mare Owners: Communicating with multiple farms to acquire and negotiate the best stallion, at the best price, for a specific mare is a time-consuming and inefficient  process.
  • For Stallion Farms: Acquiring the best mares for a stallion is often layered with expensive advertising & marketing fees, with results that don’t allow a farm to economically compete for a mare.
  • The Solution:Exchange is a single platform that brings mare owners and stallion farms together to quickly, effectively and creatively negotiate a mating in a manner that makes the process substantially easier for all parties.

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